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Our Team

At KMP, we believe our strength is measured by our people, and we continually stress on commitment, teamwork and professionalism among our team to cultivate a work ethic that is in line with providing our partners with the best possible service, quality and trustworthiness. The KMP team has extensive venture capital / private equity experience and is augmented by several venture partners and a network of former portfolio executives who contribute to due diligence, operations, marketing, finance, and strategic assistance as necessary.

Board of Directors

Dato’ Mohamed Amir Abas bin Zainal Azim
Non- Executive Chairman

Dato’ Nursiah binti Arshad

Mustafar bin Taib

Suhaili bin Ahmad

Shamsudin bin Abdul Latiff



Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Value Creation


KMP believes in creating value for our investee companies, offering business acceleration services that help expertly manage technology, projects and business change. We’ll even organise partnerships, collaborations and strategic alliances.