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Are you qualified for funding?

Primarily we’re here to promote technology transfer and encourage technology opportunities through cooperation. If that describes you, we’d like to speak to you about:

  • Business opportunities through joint-ventures, collaborations, business support, and networking/partnership
  • Knowledge development opportunities


Our technology transfer activities encompass the following:-

  • Relocation of HQ/R&D/Marketing Centre to Malaysia
  • Setting up of an outfit in Malaysia
  • Joint R&D Collaboration
  • Training
  • Market – International/Local
  • Outsourcing
  • Technology (IP)
  • Business Cooperation


For further information on technology transfer and networking at Modal Perdana or its investee companies, kindly complete the fields HERE to submit your enquiry.

Investment focus

Information technology, Computer Related, Telecommunications, Media/Entertainment, Electronic, Advance Material, Biotechnology/ Life Sciences.



Perdana Fund
Perdana Fund is a Malaysian-based venture capital fund that focuses its investment in pre IPO and high growth companies.


pif.pngPerdana International Fund
Perdana International Fund is a foreign-based venture capital that invests in high-growth and high-tech start-up companies based in United States.


pnp.pngPlug & Play Technology Holdings Sdn Bhd
Plug & Play Technology Fund was established with the objective to accelerate the development of local start-up technology-related companies via established eco-system that includes funding and technology nurturing.


ene.pngElectronics & Electrical Fund
Electronics & Electrical Fund (E&E Fund) is a venture capital fund focusing on investing into growing companies with high growth visibility within the electronics & electrical space.


Real time web analytics, Heat map tracking

Value Creation


KMP believes in creating value for our investee companies, offering business acceleration services that help expertly manage technology, projects and business change. We’ll even organise partnerships, collaborations and strategic alliances.

Our Approach

Our approach makes us stand apart from other VCs. Passionate about technology funding, we are also caring. We listen to your ideas, needs and ambitions in a helpful and knowledgeable fashion – always offering you our ears and our experience.